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Transpore Tape

Perforated transparent tape used for eyelash styling.

Ideal for eyelid lifting and speed isolation method.

You can order: 20 quantity of this product
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It adheres well to the skin and is easy to remove. It does not irritate the skin. Hypoallergenic.


  1. To ensure both you and your client the highest comfort when applying the eyelashes, remember to remove excess glue from the tape. You can do this by sticking the tape to the back of your hand (if you work in gloves). When working without gloves, ask the client to shake your hand for a moment and remove excess glue from the tape on the back of her hand.
  2. Transparent tape is perforated tape. This means that there are micro holes and speckles on the surface of the tape, thanks to them you can divide and rip the tape into perfectly even pieces both lengthwise and wide, without using scissors.

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