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Eyelash adhesives

JL Volume S+

The fastest and most durable adhesive for russian volume method. It can handle all conditions. The only condition...

JL Flexi adhesive

JL Flexi is an absolute phenomenon this year. The adhesive is extremely durable, but also fast, so you can reduce...

JL Red

One of the strongest adhesives on the market for the 1:1 method. Known for its non-refractory and durable bonding....

JL Classic

Very fast and durable eyelash adhesive  for 1:1 method. Its low amount of fumes and reliability during drying,...

JoLash eyelash adhesives

We offer the strongest and fastest drying eyelash extensions available on the market. They are characterized by low vaporization and broad compatibility. Thanks to a special formula, they perfectly harmonize with each other - you can combine them to work quickly and effectively in any conditions.

Remember that a well-chosen glue for eyelash extensions is half the way to properly perform this beauty treatment.

What eyelash adhesives should you choose?

The needs of stylists and clients are different. That is why in the JoLash assortment you will find many products with different properties. Thanks to this, you can choose glue and other eyelash extension products for the specifics of your salon's work.

We offer the following eyelash adhesives:

  • JL Volume - a half-second glue for eyelash extension, which works perfectly from 19.5 degrees Celsius and 38% humidity. Adheres well with JL 5, JL 10 and JL Flexi glue at very high temperatures and even humidity of 68-80%! Bestseller of 2015 and 2016 on the Scandinavian market. Great for thickening eyelashes by volume method and eyelash extension by the 1: 1 method.
  • JL 10 Elite differs from other eyelash adhesives available in our online store with a slightly denser consistency, which gives its binding elasticity. Perfect for clients who often comb their eyelashes or sleep on their stomachs. The curing time is a maximum of 2 seconds.
  • JL 5 and JL 4 are adhesives that dry in 1 second. They are suitable for eyelash extension using the 1: 1 method. Glue for eyelash extension JL 5 works great in rooms with high humidity, as well as in summer, while JL 4 works well with the dry climate of the workplace.
  • JL Black Soft belongs to the group of eyelash extensions for allergy sufferers. It stays on eyelashes for 2 to 3 weeks. Recommended for very sensitive eyes, prone to irritation and allergic reactions. Ideal for extending the lower eyelashes.
  • JL Clear is a fast drying adhesive (1-2 seconds). Deprived of Black Carbon, thanks to which it does not sensitize people with allergies to dyes. Recommended for eyebrow styling and eyelash extension using the Single Lashes method.