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Eyebrow tinting

RefectoCil Hard brush

RefectoCil henna hard brush  Brush for mixing and applying henna with hard and oblique hair. 1pcs.
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JoLash offers a wide range of eyebrow styling products from the world's most popular henna gel, i.e. paints and pigments for eyebrows after the latest generation of powder henna. Powdered henna, perfected and refined in the smallest detail, will allow you to create the effect of eyebrow tattooing, ideally Elleeban Brow Henna will be suitable for this, based on natural ingredients. only the structure of the hair, but also the skin.

The effects of coloring can be divided according to the type of products:

  • Gel Henna Refectocil and Hairwell - weak or slight skin color lasting for up to 3 days and eyelash and eyebrow coloring for 3-6 weeks.

To achieve optimal results, we recommend working in one company system. Hairwell distinguished by a 2% oxidant, will be the perfect choice for coloring eyebrows and eyelashes during lifting and lamination. Refectocil, however, works well for women who expect an intense effect that only stays on the hair, not the skin.

Soon in our offer you will find a wide range of eyebrow styling courses by various methods from eyebrow styling and geometry to knowledge about products and their compositions.

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