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Silk Lashes - Diamond

Silk Lashes

Soft Silk Diamond Lashes are the most exclusive Silk type lashes available on the market. Made of the highest...
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Silk lashes - soft as silk

Silk eyelashes offered by the JoLash store are made of the highest quality material: thanks to this they provide the effect of stunningly shiny eyelashes with a deep color without any artificial effect. Silk eyelashes are extremely soft, and their structure resembles the structure of natural eyelashes - they are thicker at the base, narrowing towards the curled ends - therefore they are ideal for 1: 1 extension. It is worth remembering, however, that both silk type eyelashes and Mink eyelashes are lightweight, and the large selection of lengths and thicknesses of silk eyelashes also allows for a very intense thickening effect without burdening natural eyelashes, e.g. 3D volume eyelashes

Silk Lashes  -  Diamond