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JoLash eyelash extension products

In the JoLash online shop you will find everything you need for professional eyelash extensions and eyebrow colouring. The offered articles are of great quality. They are indispensable in the work of every stylist who wants to guarantee their clients a stunning effect of healthy, dense, raven black eyelashes.

To whom we address our offer?

JoLash shop was created for professional beauty salons, that's why we sell only reliable articles from renowned manufacturers. The high quality of our eyelashes translates into the comfort of the stylist's work, and this in turn into the satisfaction of customers.

What can you find with us?

Are you looking for a shop where you can find all the specialized tools for the beauty sector related to eyelashes? You've come to the right place. Synthetic eyelashes, silk eyelashes, Russian Volume and other products for eyelash extensions - you will find it all at JoLash.

To give your clients exceptional comfort, order also other necessary accessories for eyelash extensions: professional shampoos for eyelashes and eyebrows, eyelash extension flakes, precise tweezers, permanent adhesives, as well as products allowing for surprisingly fast and safe lifting of natural eyelashes, the effect of which will last for up to 12 weeks! Among the offered products there is also the Glamcor lamp, which, giving a white light, greatly facilitates the work of the stylist. It has a wide range of adjustments, thanks to which you can adjust its operation to your current needs.

What distinguishes the JoLash store?

The best quality of products offered by the JoLash store goes hand in hand with a high level of customer service. We ensure efficient shipping of ordered products: 24 hours from the moment of receiving the payment. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rich assortment of our shop. Both you and the clients of your beauty salon will be pleasantly surprised by the high quality and durability of our lashes!