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Elleebana key ring

Elleebana key ring. On one side there is the Elleeban logo on a black background, on the back there is a mirror. A...

Metal eyebrow circus

A circular for precise drawing of eyebrows before shaping the eyebrows and permanent makeup. The circular helps...

Pigment mixer

The pigment mixer is an indispensable element in the work of every eyebrow stylist. Your henna powder, henna gel...

Adhesive container

Glue Box is a vacuum container for storing lifting sachets or eyelash extension glue. Easy to use! Just hold down...

Jolash watch

Oh my JoLash! Which one of us doesn't love gadgets? A watch made for energetic women who appreciate fashion and...

JoLash tweezer case

A practical and elegant suite for your tweezers, which can be placed on delicate velvet material. They will be held...

JoLash Holder

Jolash Holder A glass eyelash stand. With a white background and ideal weight, which makes the holder not jump...

Weather station

An indispensable part of every eyelash salon. Each stylist is perfectly aware of how appropriate weather...

Air dehumidifier

Air dehumidifier is an ideal device for every eyelash styling salon.  Each stylist is perfectly aware of how...
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Safewax Cosmetic apron

Safewax professional apron tied at the back. Sewn from easy-to-press material that protects clothing against...