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Mini Holder JoLash

Mini Holder Jolash A small glass eyelash stand that you can easily hide in an eyelash box. You save space,...

Nano Mister

Lash Nano Mister is an absolute "must have" for every stylist. This great device breaks water down into...

Nano-Filtr Węglowy

Have you experienced congestion of the nasal mucosa, rhinitis, sneezing, coughing or headache after work? Feel...
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Black Premium scissors

Premium scissors, razor-sharp in black platinum. Extremely precise, they allow you to cut even the smallest and...

Spring scissors

Spring scissors. They work very efficiently and comfortably thanks to the force of the clamp, cutting out flakes or...

Silicone Glue Pallets

Silicone Glue Pallets Made of elastic silicone, glowing in the dark, the adhesive base. Reduces the emission of...

Heated eyelash curler

Heated eyelash curler, thanks to the optimal temperature, is ideal for both natural and extended lashes. 
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Medical Tape

Fiberless medical tape ideal for eyelash extensions. It has no reflections or hairs. 1,25cmx5m

Transpore Tape

Perforated transparent tape used for eyelash styling. Ideal for eyelid lifting and speed isolation method.

Foam tape

NEW - Super thin foam tape! Ideal for applying lower lashes. Made of hypoallergenic foam, provides comfort while...

Handy windmill

A handy windmill for drying eyelashes and removing unpleasant adhesive fumes from the eye area.

Foam bottle

The practical foam container will not only increase the performance of your eyelash shampoo, but will also make its...

Elleevate Mascara

Elleevate Mascara has been specially designed as a daily mascara, which can also be applied to lashes after lifting....