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Glue cleaners


The cleaners are used to clean the adhesive neck of the adhesive from dirt, have a soft structure that perfectly absorbs all kinds of liquids, do not delaminate and do not leave pollen. 

After rubbing the adhesive neck, they leave it clean, without hair or pollen, allowing to keep the adhesive fresh for longer.

Quantity: 180pcs

You can order: 20 quantity of this product
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Are you struggling with the problem of glue thickening too fast? And is your bottle always perfectly closed? 

Dried adhesive residues do not allow the thread in the cap to close perfectly, which causes the adhesive to oxidise constantly and thus age.

Forget about the problem of sticky wipes or paper towels. From now on, hygienic glue cleaners from JoLash will make your work easier.

The package contains: 180 pieces of cleaning cloths with dimensions 6cm x 4,5cm.

Use: Each time you squeeze out a drop of glue, wipe the neck of the glue thoroughly. Tightly twist the glue and store it vertically in a dry place.  

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