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Lash Boost

Organic Lash Boost

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Revolutionary nourishing and supplementing lash lifting, laminating and colouring treatments!

Organic Lash Boost is one of the most advanced products available on the world market, whose composition in 97% comes from natural products!

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Its treatments thoroughly rebuild damaged hair fibers thanks to concentrated active ingredients such as organic jojoba oil, shine-flower seed oil, black cumin seed oil or silk proteins, which guarantee hydration, replenishment, repair and refreshment of eyelashes from the first use, giving them incredible shine and softness while eliminating dryness.  

While other eyelash nutrition products only work for up to 14 days, the results achieved with Organic Lash Boost stay on until the next visit or replacement of the natural eyelash.

What does Organic Lash Boost give in combination with an eyelash lift treatment?

Organic Lash Boost acts as a regenerative injection for the lashes. There is nothing to fear because it does not contain parabens, SLS, aldehydes, sulfates or silicones. It is a gift from nature to beautifully looking and healthy lashes!

Is Organic Lash Boost suitable for natural care lovers?

Absolutely! Organic Lash Boost has never been and will never be tested on animals. Moreover, its natural plant-based composition makes it possible to use it with a clear conscience!

Can Organic Lash Boost be combined with an eyebrow and eyelash colouring treatment?

Organic Lash Boost not only nourishes but also helps to keep the pigment inside the hair structure for even longer. Thanks to this, your clients will be able to enjoy a deep and fresh colour and enjoy the pool or sunbathing without fear. Eyelashes remain shiny and pigmented even 60% longer!

Doesn't Organic Lash Boost weigh down your eyelashes?

The composition of the product has been perfectly balanced so that the hair structure is not excessively over-protected. This makes it compatible with all lash lifting systems.

Why is it worth using the product for lamination after Organic Lash Boost?

Organic Lash Boost is not an oily substance, nor does it leave a greasy film on the surface of the hair scalp. The role of Organic Lash Boost is to penetrate the hair structure in order to strengthen and nourish it, so the eyelashes after its use are firmer and fuller. If we want to protect the natural eyelash well after the treatment, we recommend finishing the treatment with Lash Lamination.

Capacity: 15ml

Capacity: about 80-90 treatments

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Świetnie nawilża , rzęsy po nim są miękkie i odżywione. Bardzo przyjemny zapach i co najważniejsze naturalne składniki.
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