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Mink Lashes

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Black Feather Volume Lashes Mix LP

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Reference eyelashes that are used for Russian Volume volumetric methods

Choose twist and thickness.

You can order: 20 quantity of this product
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The latest series of Black Feather eyelashes was born through years of work by stylists representing the highest world level in the industry.

A group of enthusiasts have been laboriously exploring the market for a product that will reflect their expectations to a degree that allows them to work effectively at the world's most important eyelash styling championship allowing them to create sophisticated styling. 

Looking for eyelashes that would meet our highest expectations we had to go through many inconveniences and nuances of the lash world. Production requirements imposed on our partners often caused an incredible rotation of personalities taking part in it. Every detail, starting from the production stage and ending with the work of appropriate staff, was carefully analyzed and corrected. Nothing happens in Black Feather eyelashes.  

All the commitment and time we've put into the Black Feather lashes allows us to claim that they will meet the requirements of even the most detailed stylists. 

 We will not discuss the individual characteristics of Black Feather series lashes because every refined stylist knows exactly what to expect from Reference Eyelashes. 

Arrogance? No, the certainty of what we have created!

If you entrust us with your trust, we guarantee not to let you down.

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